Career Opportunities

Current Employment Opportunity:

Farm Program Manager

EBCOT is seeking a farm program manager to develop and conduct cooperatively-shared agricultural operations at EBCOT. This includes growing produce for the local community while maintaining access to the shared individual farm plots for educational purposes.

We are seeking an entry level farm manager who has some or all of the following:

  • Knowledge and experience in planning annual vegetable production.

  • Familiarity in maximizing crop yields and produce efficiency utilizing intensive planting methods.

  • Permaculture farming knowledge.

  • Experience with nutrient management and organic pest management.

  • Experience developing irrigation systems.

  • Previous work experience with co-op initiatives.

  • Experience and enjoyment working with children as an educator or mentor.

Farm manager position includes stipend, housing, and a percentage of coop profits. Hours and arrangements are flexible based on individual needs.

The farm manager position is a long-term role for a self-directed individual or couple who is interested in collaboratively building a thriving business operation from the ground up while enjoying the camaraderie of a like-minded community. We are more interested in getting started than getting it perfect and trust that the natural evolution of the farm, along with our shared commitment and intention, will lead us to the creation of a robust framework that brings us all alive.

The people we seek will have excellent communication and relationship skills in addition to farming experience. We view this partnership as an opportunity to build an intentional community as much as to farm. We desire self-aware individuals who know their own intrinsic value and sovereignty, and whose values complement the age-old principals of Benedictine community cooperative living, including: Christian values, economic and ecological sustainability, holistic wellness, conscious living, and personal autonomy. Preference is for people who are knowledgeable about any of the following: permacultural farming awareness, concern for a healthy environment, botany, handcrafts and traditional skills.

In addition to urban farm land plots, we are building an intentional sharing and caring community cooperative, a farmers market, and affordable housing. We are open to creative arrangements that might make it a great fit for you.

If you are interested in this farm program manager job please send an email with resume to: